Sometimes a standard Connection isn’t secure enough for your design.  Sometimes you need a little something extra to maintain the integrity of your power source.

Well, look no further… Shogyo has the perfect solution with our full line of Locking DC Power Connectors.  These Connectors have a quarter-turn locking feature so that the Plug remains inserted even when the Cable is pulled upon.

We have Jacks available in SMT, Through-Hole, and Panel Mount options and with Vertical and Horizontal Orientations.

We also have both Moldable and Assembly Type Plugs available!

Please find our various options below.



MJ-10LR – 2.0mm, Vertical, Panel Mount

MJ-11LR – 2.35mm, Vertical, Panel Mount


SCD433CCS000B00G – 2.0mm, Vertical, Through-Hole

SCD433DCS000B00G – 2.5mm, Vertical, Through-Hole


MJ-179LR – 2.0mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD442CCS011B00G – 2.0mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD443CCS011B00G – 2.0mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

MJ-180LR – 2.35mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD442DCS011B00G – 2.5mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD443DCS011B00G – 2.5mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole



MP-121AR – 2.1mm, Vertical, Assembly Type

MP-122AR – 2.5mm, Vertical, Assembly Type

MP-121CR – 2.1mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)

MP-122CR – 2.5mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)

SCDP443CBNNNBPTG – 2.1mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)

SCDP443DBNNNBPTG – 2.5mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)


MP-121LL –  2.1mm, Right-Angle, Assembly Type

MP-122LL –  2.5mm, Right-Angle, Assembly Type


SCDP442CBNN0000G – 2.1mm, Moldable

MP-121MR – 2.5mm, Moldable

SCDP442DBNN0000G – 2.5mm, Moldable


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