Locking DC Power Connectors

Shogyo offers a unique line of DC Power Connectors with a quarter turn locking feature.  These are recommended for any application in which a completely secure connection is required.  They are especially useful in rugged applications whereby a disconnection cannot be risked by simply tugging on the cord.  Below, please see some photos to illustrate how these work.

Below are links to the product pages.  Reach out to us at info@shogyo.com for quote or sample requests!

































Shogyo’s Moldable Audio & DC Connectors


Shogyo has a complete line of Moldable Audio and DC Connectors.  Click the below links to view our offerings!

Audio Jacks

Audio Plugs

DC Jacks

DC Plugs

  • – These are rugged Connectors suitable for a minimum of 5,000 Cycles.
  • – Virtually all items can be offered in Nickel or Gold Plating.
  • – Shogyo can solder/overmold these Connectors to Wire Leads or build your complete Cable          Assembly/Wire Harness.

Shogyo’s Overmolding Capabilities

For over forty years, Shogyo has been an industry leader in manufacturing overmolded Cables for our valued OEM customer base.

We produce both simple and complex molded Assemblies for applications in a wide variety of different fields. These fields include, but are not limited to Consumer Audio, Medical Instrumentation, Industrial Controls, Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Lighting, Dental Equipment, and Point of Sale Equipment.

Shogyo can produce Molded Cables exactly to your specs. Just let us know what you’re trying to accomplish! Whether the goal is designing a robust strain relief to handle millions of cycles or whether it is designing an intricate overmold to protect critical components, we are here to help!

Reach out to us at info@shogyo.com or +1-516-921-9111

Shogyo’s Custom Speaker Solutions


Throughout the OEM world, there are an innumerable number of different sounds and audio signals required for a countless array of different applications.  At Shogyo, we understand that you are developing a unique product.  That is why we offer customized solutions for your specific application.

Tell us about your requirements!  Utilizing the appropriate materials, our engineering staff can then construct a suitable Speaker for your end product (usually, with no tooling costs!).

From Medical Products to Professional Audio Devices to Point of Sale Equipment, Shogyo has developed customized solutions for OEMs in a large variety of different fields.  Allow our team to get to work for you!

High Quality Custom Cables & Harnesses

For over 45 years, Shogyo has been manufacturing custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses for OEM customers in a wide variety of different fields.  Below, please find a list of our product capabilities.

  • Equipped to Process Wire from 30 AWG to 12 AWG
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Twisted Wires
  • Battery Cables
  • Fan Harnesses
  • Overmolded Cables
  • Coil Cords
  • Power Cords

When it comes to pricing, we’re tough to beat!  Our deep footprint in the electronic component industry gives Shogyo a competitive advantage when sourcing the materials used for our Cable/Harness production.

Send us your specs to quote or let us know what you’re trying to accomplish!  We’d be happy to put together our most cost effective pricing/proposal!

Please contact us at info@shogyo.com or 516-921-9111.


Custom Battery Holders for OEMs


Shogyo has helped OEMs in many different fields develop innovative, custom Battery Holder solutions for their products.  Send over your drawing or explain to us what you’re trying to accomplish.  Shogyo’s talented team of engineers will then be happy to offer our professional insights!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at info@shogyo.com or 516-921-9111

Shogyo’s Custom Speaker Solutions


Shogyo has been offering custom Speaker solutions to the OEM market for many years.  Just let us know the basic parameters for what you require (examples below) and we’ll be happy to build up a suitable model for you.

  • Size
  • Magnet Type
  • Cone Type
  • Impedance
  • Power
  • SPL
  • Frequency
  • Application

                                                                                                                                                                                                      There’s typically no tooling or mold costs required.  We simply use the available raw materials to construct something that will work for your application!  Contact us at info@shogyo.com or 516-921-9111.

Battery Holder/Snap Solutions for Any Application!


Battery Holder1         Charger

With over 350 standard models to choose from and boundless custom capabilities, Shogyo can offer Battery Holder or Snap solutions for virtually any application!  Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish or send over your specifications.  Our design team will then review and revert back with our suggestions about how to best reach your goal!

Contact us at info@shogyo.com or 516-921-9111!


2019 CNY Schedule

Please note that the factory shutdowns for Chinese New Year begin at the end of January.  There are significant delays both before and after the holiday leading to longer than usual lead times through the first quarter of the year. Kindly take this into consideration when planning your forthcoming orders. Thank you!


Secure Your Connections with Shogyo’s Locking DC Power Connectors!



Sometimes a standard Connection isn’t secure enough for your design.  Sometimes you need a little something extra to maintain the integrity of your power source.

Well, look no further… Shogyo has the perfect solution with our full line of Locking DC Power Connectors.  These Connectors have a quarter-turn locking feature so that the Plug remains inserted even when the Cable is pulled upon.

We have Jacks available in SMT, Through-Hole, and Panel Mount options and with Vertical and Horizontal Orientations.

We also have both Moldable and Assembly Type Plugs available!

Please find our various options below.



MJ-10LR – 2.0mm, Vertical, Panel Mount

MJ-11LR – 2.35mm, Vertical, Panel Mount


SCD433CCS000B00G – 2.0mm, Vertical, Through-Hole

SCD433DCS000B00G – 2.5mm, Vertical, Through-Hole


MJ-179LR – 2.0mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD442CCS011B00G – 2.0mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD443CCS011B00G – 2.0mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

MJ-180LR – 2.35mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD442DCS011B00G – 2.5mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole

SCD443DCS011B00G – 2.5mm, Right-Angle, Through-Hole



MP-121AR – 2.1mm, Vertical, Assembly Type

MP-122AR – 2.5mm, Vertical, Assembly Type

MP-121CR – 2.1mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)

MP-122CR – 2.5mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)

SCDP443CBNNNBPTG – 2.1mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)

SCDP443DBNNNBPTG – 2.5mm, Vertical, Assembly Type (w/ Strain Relief)


MP-121LL –  2.1mm, Right-Angle, Assembly Type

MP-122LL –  2.5mm, Right-Angle, Assembly Type


SCDP442CBNN0000G – 2.1mm, Moldable

MP-121MR – 2.5mm, Moldable

SCDP442DBNN0000G – 2.5mm, Moldable


Contact us today at info@shogyo.com or 516-921-9111!

Shogyo’s Waterproof Battery Holders!

Shogyo offers a variety of IP65 & IP68 Waterproof Battery Holders.  After years of requests, these models were specially designed for applications in which the product needs to be protected from Dust and Water ingress.

These Battery Holders are constructed with rugged ABS plastic and are ideal for outdoor applications, decorative lighting, remote monitoring, etc.

The Lead Wires can also be terminated to any sort of Terminals/Connector.



Please reach out with any questions or quote requests!



Custom Level VI Adapters


Shogyo produces high-quality, Level VI, AC-DC Adapters for virtually every application.  We offer/build our Adapters based on customer specifications/requirements.

While there are a set number of case designs that can be offered (due to safety approval certifications), much of the parameters can be customized (such as the output voltage/current, cord, plug, & nameplate).

In order to prepare an offer for your Adapter, we simply need to know the below specification details.  We can then quickly prepare a quote for your review.

– Wall Mount or Desktop

– Wall Plug/Cord Country (North America, Euro, UK, AUS)

– Output Voltage/Current

– Output Cord Length (and any other specific requirements for AWG/cord type).

– Output Plug (i.e. 2.5 x 5.5mm DC Plug, Strip/Tin, etc.)

– Any special requirements

For questions/quote requests, please contact our sales team at info@shogyo.com.

Let Shogyo Handle Your Wire Harness Requirements!


For over 30 years, Shogyo has been producing Wire Harnesses for our OEM customers.  From simple, 2 Connector solutions to intensive and complex Assemblies, we can truly do it all!

Shogyo has 3 facilities for Wire Harness production, located in Heyuan, Dongguan City, & Taipei (low volume production).  Between our three facilities, we have developed an extensive network of Cable, Connector, & Wire Suppliers.  This allows us to source the most competitively priced materials and to produce your Harness at a lower cost than many of our competitors!

We also guarantee the quality of our work.  Each piece goes through careful continuity checks, pull testing, dimensional verification, and visual inspection before leaving any of our facilities.  If it isn’t 100% to spec, the Harness will not ship!

Send your drawing and quantity requirements to info@shogyo.com.  We can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Snap-In Audio & DC Jacks


Shogyo offers a unique line of Snap-In, Panel-Mount, Audio and DC Power Connectors.  These Jacks are designed for ease of use as they can seamlessly snap into any preset panel holes.

Produced in our Kanagawa, Japan facility, only the finest raw materials are used in the production of these reliable and robust connectors.

Below, please find our product offerings.  Feel free to e-mail us at info@shogyo.com with any questions!

Audio Jacks

2.5mm, 2 Conductor – MJ-165SP

2.5mm, 3 Conductor – MJ-071SP

2.5mm, 4 Conductor – MJ-068SP


3.5mm, 2 Conductor – MJ-164SP

3.5mm, 3 Conductor – MJ-073SP

3.5mm, 4 Conductor – MJ-064SP


DC Jacks

1.65mm Center Pin – MJ-62 or MJ-63

2.0mm Center Pin – MJ-60

2.5mm Center Pin – MJ-61

Lithium-ion 18650 Battery Holders

BHC-18650-1      BHC-18650-2P(PARALLEL)

Shogyo is proud to offer to the market our new line of Battery Holders for 18650 Lithium-ion Cells.

These Battery Holders are perfect for use with any consumer or industrial product that looks to take advantage of the rechargeable, light weight features of Li-ion 18650 Batteries.

We currently have 1 and 2 Cell Models available with both Lead Wire and PC Mount termination options.


– Heat resistant plastic (UL 94V-0)

– Polarity indicators for easy insertion

– 2-Cell Holders can be made in Series or Parallel

– Low profile design

– Rugged, Stainless Steel Contacts

– Nickel-Plated Pins for easy soldering (PCB mount versions)

See HERE to view all available models!

High Quality Cable Assemblies… Built Exactly to Spec!

Product_12UX09813              20546ELC5701006

For 40 years, Shogyo has been building high quality, custom Cable Assemblies for our OEM customers.  From Medical Devices to Headphones, our Assemblies have been used in thousands of different products.  You probably have one in your home or office!

Competitively priced, produced exactly to spec, and thoroughly tested before shipment… that is the Shogyo combination!

E-mail info@shogyo.com with your specifications or requirements.  You will not be disappointed!

Custom Battery Holder Solutions

For 35 years, Shogyo has been producing custom Battery Holder, Snap, and Contact solutions for OEMs in a variety of different fields.  From initial conception through formal implementation, our team is here to help offer guidance and support as you work to build the perfect component for your end product.

Contact us at info@shogyo.com with your design requirements!



Shogyo Obtains ISO9001:2015 Certification

SQA-ISO9001-2015 color

We are proud to announce that Shogyo has been certified to the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System standards and guidelines.  The 2015 standard incorporates the latest changes and updates to ISO9001, ISO’s flagship quality system.

Shogyo’s conformance to ISO9001:2015 is part of our continued and everlasting efforts to improve the quality of our products and proficiency of our support.  We undertake these initiatives in order to better serve you… our loyal customers.

Feel free to contact us at info@shogyo.com for a copy of the new Certificate.